Taylor + Chance | Engagement

If there is one thing that I have learned about love in my short 24 years of life… find the one you can be yourself with. The one that loves you for you. That is all you can want.

Taylor & Chance are so sweet together. They balance each other out. I have had the honor of meeting Chance when I was like in 6th grade? That sounds right? Seems like forever and a day ago! Recently has seemed like old times- but now we are capturing some of their huge moments!!! Babies and weddings. SO MUCH LOVE for these two.

Because I kinda know Chance (lol, sorry chance…) Taylor is perfect & the most sweetest person you could meet. (like all my #lbinibrides, which is why I love you all). I am really thankful I got to meet her & everytime is always fun when it is with her!

These two just welcomed the most beautiful little girl to the world a couple months ago and now on another new adventure! They have a while yet of planning, but it was absolute perfect timing to do this session.

I personally love these photos and how they are in them. They are just such a silly, fun loving couple. They even had some ideas of their own! Chance “the professional puddle jumper” wanted some pics in the rain- so we made it happen! I can finally cross off my photography bucket list to photograph a shoot in the pouring rain! It was perfect & the photos turned out spectacular!

You two are amazing & the big day will be here sooner than you think! SO EXCITED!

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