Tyler + Shelby | Engagement

These two 😍 I guess mainly Shelby (sorry Tyler, just kidding) Engagement sessions with tons of laughing – I’m ALWAYS down for that. Shelby was recommended to me by a sweet girl I graduated high school with πŸ₯° I KNOW RIGHT 😭😭 As soon as she messaged me – I knew these people were my kind of people. Their engagement story couldn’t be too cute. … Continue reading Tyler + Shelby | Engagement

Natalia + Zac | July 11th, 2020

This wedding wasn’t close to being a “typical” wedding. I’ll just say you had to be there & It was fun!!! On this beautiful, hot, summer day I got to capture these two people who I know love each other soooooo much get married to one another. I’m 3 for 3 with these two. Proposal, Engagement, and now Wedding. Check and done! I don’t know … Continue reading Natalia + Zac | July 11th, 2020

Taylor + Stetson | September 21st, 2019

Being a bride & groom is hard work.. This will be a wedding day that I never ever foreget. Let me tell you a little bit about the day these two had. β˜”οΈ It was pouring rain- and not like regular rain, the sideways rain that even umbrella cant really help. πŸ”Œ Power outage for almost 2 hours – right in the middle of getting the bride’s … Continue reading Taylor + Stetson | September 21st, 2019