Cortnee + Arsene | Engagement

Love is such a beautiful thing & has so much power. I thought I would finally get around to writing this blog post- but have been thinking of these two lately!

I met this power couple back in 2015 because of my hubby. These two have been together for what I feel like is forever. Cortnee was one of the first girlfriends of Bini’s friends that I ever met. I knew instantly that she was super cool & organized. Which is something I appreciate in anybody.

They have such a beautiful relationship & I am so excited to celebrate their big day with them as a guest. Which isn’t something I get to do very frequently! So needless to say I am pretty excited!

Arsene was actually in our wedding back in 2018 & now Bini is going to be in theirs! I can’t wait for their big day. Cortnee is going to be absolutely stunning along with the rest of the wedding!

Cheers to this wonderful couple!

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