Natalia + Zac | Engagement

Today’s blog post is about a friend of mine- Natalia. She is kind hearted, means well and just wants the best for everyone.

I met Natalia back in 2014 and we worked together until 2016. Which is crazy to think about- that was 4 years ago already. I would always joke that Natalia was the older sister that I never wanted. She would absolutely drive me completely nuts sometimes. But wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. When working together we were around each other all the time. Like locked in a room with each other for 8 hours a day- no matter who it is, you eventuially drive one or the other crazy.

Natalia has watched my photography journey grow, and I have watched her become an even more amazing mom and person. I met Zac on the day that he proposed to Natalia and the girls. & even photographed it! (See below) When I first met him- I completely understood why he was the man for Natalia.

I am very excited to photograph their big day in July. Natalia is going to be a beautiful bride. Their outdoor wedding is going to absolutely stunning.

Check out their engagement photos- because they are some of my favorite that I have ever taken.

Natalia’s Hair and makeup was done by the fabulous Meg Johnson! Check out @blendedbymeg on Instagram!

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