Veils. Veils. Veils.

Now officially a LBP obsession & total must have ❤️

Personally in 2017 when I picked out my wedding dress. I thought veils were kind of weird, and very old school. I also was working at a bridal store at the time and was selling them to brides, but wasn’t really in love with the idea. (ironic)

I did end up buying a veil for my wedding day and just wearing it for my ceremony and took it out as soon as it was over.

This past fall I have increased my wedding day knowledge & taken lot (more) posing classes. So needless to say I am obsessed with veils right now and can’t wait for weddings this year and all you chicks that decide to have some awesome veils ❤️

How do you feel about wedding veils?

Did you wear one at your wedding?

Are you going to wear one on your day?


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